Business & Transportation

The Abilene Chamber will work to maintain a pro-business environment that allows West Texas employers and business owners to thrive. Any regulatory change that adversely impacts business should be pursued only as a last resort after all free-market solutions have been tried and only after a reasonable cost/benefit analysis shows economic growth will not be adversely affected

  • Support designing and constructing of a new ramp at Abilene Regional Airport to park, fuel and load Texas Forest Service aircraft.

  • Support efforts to keep Texas a right-to-work state and oppose agency shop legislation.

  • Support free-market principles for the corporate sale of liquor. Texas is the only state in the nation that disallows publicly traded companies from selling liquor.

  • Oppose legislation that would make private entities subject to open records laws or force the release of proprietary information in governmental entities’ contracts with businesses.

  • Oppose any legislation that would alter the Texas Franchise Laws affecting direct sales to consumers by manufacturing companies (for example, automotive sales), except laws that already exist.

  • Uphold Texas’ prohibition of the direct sales of vehicles to consumers.

  • Maintain franchise tax relief for small business.

  • Support any and all measures that add access to Abilene through major transportation corridors, particularly in light of regional growth opportunities.

  • Support improved highways, ports of entry and other infrastructure that facilitates trade, increases the effective flow of goods and services, promotes tourism, and increases public safety wherever these improvements can improve economic opportunity and state productivity.

  • Support the continued use of public-private partnerships and reauthorizing the use of Comprehensive Development Agreements (CDAs). Enhance mechanisms that allow project sponsors to access private capital to supplement state or local funds to build infrastructure. We also support efforts to remove statutory or legislative restrictions or limitations on the number or nature of local comprehensive development projects where there is local support for such projects that address local or regional transportation needs.

  • Oppose efforts to mandate workers’ compensation coverage.

  • Oppose legislation that imposes new laws or regulations on employers that are nonsubscribers to workers’ compensation.

  • Support and preserve the current regulatory structure that prevents lawsuits against employers and property owners who provide workers’ compensation insurance.

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