Abilene will continue to be a leader in the United States in its support of the military. The Abilene Chamber supports continued local funding of mission support and will continue to provide support for local troops and their families. Additionally, the Abilene Chamber will support its Military Affairs Committee in all federal, state and local initiatives to protect and enhance and expand missions for Dyess Air Force Base.

Helping to support those

Who Power Our Freedom

  • Enhance legislation that assists Texas military families by reducing barriers to full employment by authorizing reciprocity agreements for professional certifications and licensures by eliminating the “substantially” language in S.B. 1200 from the 86th Regular Session.

  • Support legislation to limit unwanted commerce and activities near a military installation.

  • Appropriate money for the Defense Economic Adjustment Assistance Grant (DEAAG) program to fund military value projects that strengthen Texas military installations.

  • Support legislation to expand Texas Military Value Revolving Loan Fund opportunities through additional funding.

  • Support legislation that improves workforce development programs for military personnel and veterans.

  • Support legislation and regulatory reforms that accelerate and advance the seamless transition of our Texas Veterans into the Texas workforce. These efforts should maintain an emphasis on providing more accelerated skills attainment and certification solutions while scaling post-secondary efforts that convey more college credit for prior learning and occupational experience with a focus on high-demand occupational needs.

  • Encourage state agencies and local governmental entities to enter into mutually beneficial Intergovernmental Service Agreements (IGSA) with military installations to provide services and goods (at market rates). Examples could be solid waste services on base by a city, or TxDOT providing street/road maintenance services on base, at a normal financial rate.

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