Leading the Voice of Business

Your membership with the Abilene Chamber strengthens the voice of the Big Country business community. Our team is working on your behalf 24/7 to advocate for the programs, policies and initiatives that will help foster economic growth, create jobs and impact the future of our region.


Policymaking begins at home and ensuring our voice is heard locally may have the greatest impact on your business and employees.


Developing a statewide legislative agenda can be vital in the creation of jobs and the well-being of the state of Texas and Abilene’s economic landscape.


We must stand together for laws and policies that make sense for the entire country, as well as ensuring the needs of the individual business or entrepreneur are not forgotten. 

Core Policy Statement

The Abilene Chamber, on behalf of its members and affiliates, will pursue a pro‐growth agenda that creates an environment that encourages job growth, population growth and entrepreneurship.

Members sitting on the Business Advocacy Council are made up of voting Chamber members and non-voting staff members of lawmakers representing Abilene in Austin and Washington.

Business Advocacy Council 

Chair – Mitch Barnett

Barnett & Hill

Norman Archibald

Hendrick Health System

Gary Grubbs

Lawrence Hall Abilene

Jay Hardaway

West Texas Strategies

Kaley Kapke

Congressman Jodey Arrington

Robyn Wertheim

State Representative Stan Lambert

Doug Williamson

Abilene Chamber Government Affairs Director

Doug Peters

Abilene Chamber of Commerce President & CEO 

Need help with a local, state or federal government issue or concern related to your business or are you interested in becoming a member of the Abilene Government Affairs Committee? Please complete the form below.

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Making a Difference

Making A Difference

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Doug Williamson

Government Affairs Director