Relationship, Insight, Service & Engagement


June 14, 2018
Staff Reports

Advantage Abilene – what gives Abilene the advantage over other communities? What gives your company the advantage over competitors in the market? What gives you the advantage in your workplace?

As part of the Chamber’s strategy for community development and engaging leaders in our city, a new program has evolved called RISE. Focusing on Relationship, Insight, Service and Engagement, this new program was the outcome of your fellow community leaders coming together to give Abilene the Advantage.

The RISE program is a five session program that engages leaders, strengthens critical management skills and ultimately develops a leader that is prepared to set and implement goals that will prove to be invaluable to any organization. The areas of focus are Personal Leadership, Leadership in Management, Communication Skills and Team Development. Each session is highly interactive and designed specifically for managers or people of influence and decision making ability in their organization.

The RISE program is taught by industry leaders in leadership development.  Participants will learn from the best and they will also learn from each other as they share ideas, conflicts, solutions and techniques for improvement. This program is designed to produce results – results that are visible to all those around them as they make goals and accomplish those goals on a daily basis. Participants learn how to communicate more effectively, how to have that “crucial conversation” and how to engage others around them.

Don’t take my word for it, though; see what alumni of the program are saying:

“The Chamber RISE Program provided an in-depth look into myself as a leader, as well as other leaders in the Abilene community.  I now have an enhanced skill set and passion for leadership.”

~ Brett Emmett
Assistant Vice President
Hendrick Health System

“I’ve enjoyed meeting leaders from other industries in Abilene and working through similar struggles.  The class has provided me with multiple new tools to aide in my leadership role at our company.”

~ Jordan Hibbs
Associate Vice President
Enprotec/Hibbs & Todd, Inc.

“RISE has provided me with leadership tools to help create and sustain a culture of success within my organization. I learned that regardless of the industry, we all face similar challenges within our organizations. The open discussions provided insight and application to the challenges we all face. I would highly recommend RISE to anyone wanting to lead their organization from Good to Great.”

~ Trennon Cauthen
Arrow Ford, Inc.

“The RISE program has provided me with the tools, the direction and the support to help focus on my short terms challenges and long term leadership goals.”

~ Ryan Fellows
Director of Materials
Rentech Boiler Systems

Click here for more video testimonials from RISE graduates. As a graduate myself, I would be happy to visit with you further about the benefits of the program. See my contact information below.

This program sounds great, so, what’s the cost? I know that’s your first question – everything has a cost, right? Take a minute to think about your best employee. Now think what would happen if you lost your best employee – scary thought!  What would it cost to recruit, hire and train a new employee to fill their shoes? The answer is it would cost a lot. The RISE program is a steal of a deal at $2,495 for a five session, intensive education course that will develop participants into leaders at home, leaders in business and leaders in our community. Why not spend money developing your current stars instead of trying to find new ones?

RISE program applications are available here. Those interested are encouraged to complete an application early as the RISE program will fill quickly. Applications are due July 25th. Members of the next RISE class will be notified by August 15th and the first class starts on October 16th. See the application for specific class dates and times.

I hope you consider participating in the RISE program by sending an employee or participating yourself. Please help further Advantage Abilene by forwarding this information to your circle of contacts so we may spread the word about the RISE program. Together we can build a community of leaders that provide Abilene with an exceptional workforce to entice continued growth and development.

Jessi Bailey
Vice President of Human Resources
West Texas Rehabilitation Center