Business Spotlight

January 10, 2022
Staff Reports

What makes your business stand out? We are a non-profit community health clinic servicing people with HIV regardless of ability to pay. We have an onsite clinic, pharmacy, dental clinic and food pantry.

What do customers say about working with you? We are doing great work helping people.

Please share the value of Chamber involvement.
So HIV is still in epidemic rates and Abilene seems to have forgotten about HIV. With the world focused on one epidemic it is our mission to remind the Big Country that another one is still very much apart of our daily lives, HIV. also, part of our mission is stop the spread of HIV. Being involved with the Chamber will help us get the word out there on what is going on.

What culture do you provide within your company?
BCAR fosters a culture of caring that allows our employees to help our clients to the fullest extent. We celebrate diversity, eliminate barriers, and support each other to enable us to better service our clients.

How do you give back to the community?
Provide health services, food pantry, housing and other services to those in need and living with HIV.

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