Operating with Excellence


January 17, 2022
Staff Reports

We spend a lot of time at the Chamber listening and gathering feedback from our members. And not just on issues that might impact their business. We listen a lot on how we, as a staff, can better provide and deliver relevant high-quality member services, information, programs, and events.

If you were to join us at one of our quarterly “Chamber in 60” sessions one of the many things you would take away from that program is our five organizational goals that the Chamber Board of Directors (elected by you, our member) implemented over the last two-years. If you don’t remember, here’s a refresher for what they are:

  • Goal one: Deliver relevant and high-quality member services, information, programs, and events.

  • Goal two: Develop an inclusive business environment for all.

  • Goal three: Accelerate Abilene’s Business Friendliness.

  • Goal four: Grow, recruit, retain and nurture talent and workforce needed for the future.

  • Goal five: Continue to operate the Chamber with excellence.

Each goal then has objectives that our staff execute on behalf of our members under the leadership of our Board.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be reporting on a lot of updates related to these five goals, but today I’m especially proud to share a new approach to membership – our Total Resource Campaign.

The great thing about this new approach is that nothing changes for our membership. If you’re happy with the way you engage with the Chamber – that’s fantastic! However, we’re pleased to offer you the opportunity to choose your annual engagement level up front with a member of our team.

Ever feel like we continue to unveil new opportunities for you to engage with too late into your budget year? In this approach, we hope to engage you with a menu of opportunities so your business and team can better prepare on how, when and where you get to engage with our programs and connect with the business community.

Approved unanimously and supported by the Chamber Board and Executive committee, this plan is a very careful well-thought process that was crafted based on your input (remember all of those surveys?) and best-practice industry standards from across the country.

And I can tell you this, in my 30 plus years of Chamber experience, I’ve never had a program in place like this one that allows you choose up-front on how you engage or stay exactly at the level you’re currently at.

For more information on this program, I encourage you to reach out to our Director of Member Development to customize your Chamber plan.

Great things are on the horizon for our business community thanks to you and your feedback and dedication to our community. I hope you know how much we appreciate your investment.