There is Nothing Certain But Uncertainty

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December 5, 2022
Staff Reports

We're blessed in the Big Country to have a diverse economy. From our military installation, to our healthcare systems, to higher education, to oil and gas, to manufacturing, to agriculture. Our community contributes to the most dynamic, diverse, and resilient economy in the world.

That diversity and resiliency comes from people pursuing their dreams—from start-up entrepreneurs and small business owners to the leaders and workers of mid-cap companies and large global corporations, and everyone in between. When everyone works together to drive our economy forward, solutions are created, communities are strengthened, and opportunities emerge for all.

Sonya Teclai, renowned social marketing professional, said “uncertainty is the most stressful feeling.” And boy, was she right.

Your Chamber gets that. We see it every day ourselves. Whether it’s legislative outcomes or external factors that impact our own business, uncertainty does bring a certain level of stress. For all of us.

And so that’s one special reason why your Chamber works hard to align resources for your business. Whether through our local partners or subject matter experts at the state, national, and international levels, constantly striving to provide you with the answers you need to make the decisions that impact your bottom line. For us, it’s about enabling a strong and vibrant economy. An economy that helps your business succeed.

Elections. Workforce challenges. Weather events. Inflation. Market-specific challenges. All have a bearing on your business, and by extension, our community.

Now for the third year in a row, your Chamber is once again creating a purposeful effort to bring together members of the Big Country to listen, learn and compare notes on the year in review and the year ahead during our annual Economic Outlook.

Sponsored by FirstBank & Trust, this year's event will feature Robert Howden. Robert serves as an advisor on business and economic issues to Governor Greg Abbott. Robert has worked for three Governors and has led two major state business associations in Austin, the NFIB/Texas and the Texas Association of Manufacturers. A fixture at the Texas Capitol on business issues for more than 25 years, Robert has spoken to numerous local civic and business groups throughout our state. He will discuss the current state of the Texas economy and important business issues.

The program is on Jan. 19 will begin at 11:00 am with registration running through 11:30. This fast-paced program will end promptly at 1:30 pm, and we’ll feed you.

In addition to our keynote speaker, you'll hear from a panel of locals forecasting what they're seeing in their local industries from banking, to real estate, to workforce, to agriculture, to energy.

You’ll want to be there. After all, we can’t do much to help if we’re unaware of the challenges and effort ahead. For tables, tickets and sponsor opportunities, reach out to the Chamber’s Ashley Knowlton at

Finally, your Chamber is more committed than ever to keeping you in the know, and to standing tall for the interests of your business. Just like we have since 1908.