A Community of Servant Leaders

LA Class of 2024


June 7, 2024
Staff Reports

Often times when we’re talking to new Abilenians or potential Abilenians at the Chamber we hear repeatedly that it’s the people that make our community so special.  

And they’re not wrong.  

Look at what we as a community can accomplish because of the many leaders invested in our people. Leaders' past and present in our community take the time to invest in their talent.  

And here at the Chamber, we’re no different.  

The Abilene Chamber believes we have leaders within our community on the cusp of greatness. To help foster and further develop a community of leaders, we’re proud to offer you the opportunity to have one of your team members apply to the Leadership Abilene program. 

We’re committed to helping our partners invest in their talent through comprehensive community leadership development training so your business leaders can connect and grow within our community. 

What does this mean? Through monthly, full-day sessions focusing on key community issues and topics, participants have a chance to deepen their understanding of the inner workings of the Big Country and develop the broad and inclusive mindset needed for community stewardship. 

The goal is to create a network of community leaders who act on the need, the desire, and the ambition to work for the common good and serve the primary needs of others by holding our community in trust. 

Leadership Abilene exists to help you or your employees:  

  • Build meaningful, long-lasting connections 

  • Learn from our region’s most influential leaders 

  • Think critically about key business, policy and civic issues facing the Abilene area 

Applications are open until June 30, 2024. We encourage you to seize this opportunity to foster leadership within your team and contribute to the growth and betterment of Abilene. Let's walk together on the path to greatness folks!