National recognition? We’ll take it!

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June 20, 2024
Staff Reports

I couldn’t be more proud or excited to share with you an important and well-deserved recognition recently bestowed upon our great community!

Did you know that our very own Abilene, Texas has been recognized among the Top 100 Best Places to Live in the United States?

And you deserve a major “thank you” for helping to make that happen.

Described as “a small city with a big personality, Abilene, Texas is quintessentially Texas. With affordable housing, friendly neighborhoods and plenty of places to explore, residents enjoy a relaxed pace without sacrificing excellent amenities and top-notch quality of life.”

Sounds like something your Chamber would say, doesn’t it?

Well, your Chamber didn’t. 

It was written by, a national media organization whose expertise is focused on what makes cities of all sizes great places to live. We always like it more when a third party makes an objective observation that positively brings to light many things we, as Abilenians, already know.

For more than a decade, Livability has been curating (their) annual list of the Best Places to Live in America, helping Americans discover the most livable cities in the U.S.

To borrow directly from the source, Livability “partners with Applied Geographic Solutions to build their list based on nearly 100 data points and an algorithm that takes into account measures of a city’s economy, housing and cost of living, amenities, transportation, environment, safety, education and health.” 

To dive deeper into Livability’s methodology, click here. It’s data driven. And worth reading.

To say I’m one proud chamber guy would be an understatement. I knew this place we all call home was special.  But when the world begins to take notice, well, that’s extra special.

Do you know why it matters?

Because we can’t continue to sit forever on the well-kept secret that is Abilene, Texas.

No sirree. We want the world to know, because these kind of recognitions help to put our region on the map as an attractive place to live and work helping us help you grow your business and the pool of prospective employees.  For your Chamber, it’s all about workforce.

Afterall, you’ve told us about the struggles in finding talented, capable, and available employees. It’s among the top growth-limiting challenges facing cities across the nation.

To read the full press release from, go here.

Just last November, Abilene was recognized as a “best place to live in Texas.” Yes. We know.

I hope you’ll join the Chamber and me in shouting this recognition from the rooftops. It’s your job and my job to be ambassadors for Abilene and the Big Country region. To talk openly about the positives of this place. Otherwise, how will people know?

Back to the thank yous. Thank you for doing all that you do to help our community to be the very best it can be. Thank you for supporting the work of the Chamber and its affiliate divisions. Thank you for loving the place where you live.

We still (and always will) have work to do. But we’re gaining on it. And the rest of the world is noticing.